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Support the Music of the Jungle Gym Jam

Jungle Gym Jam music is made to bring families and communities together through shared experiences of movement, humor, learning and the pure joy of music.

We all live in a new era where recorded music is freely available on our phones and tablets. It’s no longer necessary to own an album in order to enjoy it over and over again.

This huge shift has caused musicians everywhere to rethink how they go about creating and sharing new recordings when selling CDs out of the trunks of their cars (or online) is no longer the way to fund their passion.

The Jungle Gym Jam have chosen to create music on a steady basis and invite fans to subscribe to receive a  new music single each month – before the public gets it – plus receive other cool perks – like an autographed ukulele or even a live birthday party performance each year!

Bounce on over to Jason’s Patreon page and watch a 2-minute video to learn how your family can become part of a fantastic superfan experience.