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Book the Jungle Gym Jam to Rock your Preschool

Children attending a Jungle Gym Jam performance at their preschool often participate joyfully in the interactive moments of these acoustic rock shows. When Jason calls out “FREEZE! DANCE! FREEZE!” in rapid fire, he gets a kick out of hearing laughter spread through the audience. They also smile when Amy brings a puppet out among the kids for an up-close meet-and-greet during a song. Kids will roar along with dinosaurs, learn about recycling, and pretend to be parts of a fire truck.

These engagements are most popular during the summer when preschools offer day camp but work well year-round, both during the school day and on weekends when schools hold open houses for the whole family to attend.

Most of these shows take place at preschools in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states, particularly in the Jungle Gym Jam’s home state of New Jersey, but well-coordinated trips out of town can be arranged in order to bring a show to your school.

The Jungle Gym Jam has its own sound system and just needs an electrical outlet. It’s common to schedule two 30-minute performances at a preschool and deliver a show for ages 3 and under, then another for ages 4 and up.

Check our live performance calendar to make sure the duo’s not booked on the date you’d like to book.

If you have questions or are ready to book the Jungle Gym Jam for a performance at your preschool, call 201-838-1205 or email [email protected].