Day at the Beach Lyrics – Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam

Day at the Beach
© 2014, Lyrics by Amy and Jason Didner; Music by Jason Didner

Verse 1:
We pretended all last winter
That this carpet was the beach
And soaring high above us
We could hear the seagulls screech

Now the days are getting warmer
And it’s not so far away
When we’ll celebrate the summer
With cool breeze and hot sun rays

Daydreams of summer fill my mind
When I think about it
When I think about it, I think of

Cotton candy on the boardwalk
Umbrella colors on the sand
The rolling power of the ocean
Where the water meets the land
The ferris wheel all dressed in neon
The salty water in the air
Three tries to knock down all the milk cans
To win you a big ol’ teddy bear
So come along and we’ll have a perfect day
Day at the beach

Verse 2:
Bruce Springsteen tunes on the Parkway
Exit numbers rolling down
I feel like it’s a great day
We’re heading for a Jersey Shore town

We’ll plant our chairs and blankets
In this spot down by the see
And we’ll let this real-life postcard
Place its stamp on our family


Come along and we’ll have a perfect day
I say, come along and we’ll have a perfect day
Day at the beach

This song is in included in the album Lollipop Motel.

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