You’re Really Not Alone

An anti-bullying poem by Jason Didner

You're Really Not Alone

You’re really not alone
No matter what you’ve been put through
You will find kind-hearted souls around
Who’ll share themselves with you

Although you may be reeling
From a rumor going around
And you feel a sinking feeling
Like a true friend can’t be found

How do you start all over
When you feel beat-up and ill?
You can seek new friends by kindness
Before looks or sporting skills

Some kids are understanding
Because they’ve been bullied too
And other kids just love to help
It’s what they naturally do

You may find them in peer counseling
To help you through your pain
To tell you how they made it
Through their loneliness and shame

You’ll find out whose behavior
Shows they know their right from wrong
With these kids you’re safest
You can feel like you belong

You’ll stop seeking approval
From those who treat you mean
When you’re busy being a good friend
In your new, happier scene

Until then you have someone
Rooting for you every day
If not around the corner
Then at least from far away

I may have never met you
But you can trust I care
Whether you get through it
Or you give in to despair

You’re really not alone
Just give yourself a chance to see
Until kind souls are by your side
Please at least reach out to me!

© 2013 by Jason Didner, All Rights Reserved

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