Rocking to Heal a Young Heart


Kid-friendly Rock Band Donates 50% of Album Downloads to 5-year-old Philly Heart Patient

5-year-old heart patient Xavier rocks his Jungle Gym Jam tie-dye shirt in physical therapy with his mom Jackie.

5-year-old heart patient Xavier rocks his Jungle Gym Jam tie-dye shirt in physical therapy.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Five-year-old Xavier Ross has been a heart patient at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia since birth. He and his family have been on the roller coaster from intensive care to physical therapy and back again more times than a parent would ever want to think about. Xavier’s mom and dad have steeled themselves to say goodbye to their child and then witnessed the miracle of excellent medical care and a resilient child’s will to live take over. Xavier’s first heart surgery was when he was just days old. Repeated and varied health crises have sent him back to the hospital, interfering with his growth and development over the course of his young life.

North Jersey kindie rocker Jason Didner came to learn of Xavier’s story through a mutual friend “Mousey” Paula Petillo. “I’d get all choked up reading her updates about the health ups and downs of this child I didn’t know,” said Jason. “I didn’t have a lot of resources to chip in, but I wanted to help in whatever way I could, so I gave Mousey our CD and a basket of toy instruments to send to Xavier.” That CD was made by Jason’s kid-friendly rock band Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam.

Now, Jason is getting more involved, donating 50% of proceeds of his band’s newest album Lollipop Motel to Xavier’s families on all download purchases made in the month of June. Additionally, Jason will donate 10% of physical CD purchases (online orders and purchases at live concerts) made in June to the family. Jason’s goal is to donate $500 to Xavier’s family by June 30, which  could be accomplished by selling 100 album downloads in that timeframe.

Lollipop Motel is a beach-themed rock-n-roll album inspired by Jason’s family trips to North Wildwood, NJ where they stay at that exact motel, an official Doo-Wop district motel first opened in 1961. The sounds are influenced greatly by Jersey Shore rockers Bruce Springsteen and Southside Johnny, and the lyrics are filled with themes of family togetherness and oceanside delights.

You can purchase a copy of Lollipop Motel and help Xavier at You can learn more about Xavier’s story by reading his family’s blog at

For more information, contact Jason Didner. Email or call 201-838-1205

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