Why I’m helping Xavier (and why I hope you’ll do this with me)

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Xavier Ross, a 5-year-old heart patient at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, who we're helping with Jungle Gym Jam's #SummerOfSharing 2016Five years ago, Nate and Jackie Ross were expectant parents who were anxious and eager to learn how their unborn son was developing inside of Jackie’s body. They were totally unprepared for the news they were to receive – that their boy had a life-threatening heart condition known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) that would require medical intervention while he was in the womb and life-saving surgery in the first week of his life.

In HLHS, the left side of the heart is underdeveloped and the blood flows backward, meaning that the blood delivered to the brain and muscles lacks the much-needed oxygen that would have been in forward-flowing blood. CHOP’s methods involve strengthening the right side of the heart to compensate for what the left side is unable to do.

Just a generation ago, this diagnosis would have been an unquestionable death sentence. But in the 21st century, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has established a solid track record of surgical and medical interventions to give these children legitimate hope of a normal life expectancy. The Ross family made the unselfish decision to move to the Philly suburbs from their New York home to give their baby Xavier every chance at a normal, healthy life.

Will you help Xavier by downloading my Lollipop Motel family beach rock album today? 50% goes to the Ross family to help pay for transportation to and from the hospital, household supplies, physical and occupational therapy, nursing care for Xavier when he gets home from this long hospitalization and many other expenses you can only imagine.

Xavier made it through multiple surgeries for his heart and was growing, developing, thriving. Of course he’d need to return for regular checkups for his heart and there’d be another surgery for the 3-year-old as he and his heart grew. In recovery from a successful surgery, Xavier suffered a devastating cardiac arrest, which he survived because of his surgeon’s quick response, but he’s been left with long-term damage from the oxygen deprivation to his young brain. His speech and mobility have been lost and have not returned, nearly 2 years later. He’s in a wheelchair and communicates primarily through his facial and emotional expressions, which are as strong as ever.

As the father of a 5-year-old myself, my empathy runs high for these parents; Xavier’s dad’s a musician like me. In fact, that’s how I came to learn of his story. I’ve been following his family’s updates on Facebook for over a year and have been continually moved by this family’s ordeal.

The latest update (from our mutual friend Mousey, a great sound engineer at Montclair’s Just Jake’s) came just as I had launched a #SummerOfSharing campaign for my new album Lollipop Motel, where I’d share 50% of album download proceeds with a good cause. I had just finished a May campaign to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital when I saw a new update at just the right time. I made a choice on the spot to help Xavier and family this month.

Will you help Xavier by downloading my Lollipop Motel family beach rock album today? 50% goes to the Ross family.


If you prefer the physical CD, I can personally autograph it to your child and I’ll donate 10% of those proceeds to the family. Get the CD here.

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