Welcome Spring! Here are some Highlights from our Concert Window shows!

Whew! We’ve made it through winter – still very chilly in Jersey today – perhaps the last day below freezing for the whole season…

Here are the highlights from last Tuesday’s snow day online concerts:

In the morning I gave this solo performance of “The Pick Song” as a freeze dance (while Hoppin’ Holly got her geek on with her iPad in the background):

Between shows, my laptop broke down (wouldn’t boot up at all) so we improvised and tried the iPad for the afternoon show. Fortunately, it worked broadcasting our whole show, though it stopped showing us interactive chat comments for the last 10 minutes of the show. Our highlight from the afternoon duo show with Amy is “Jersey Dinosaurs” featuring “Bruce” the hadrosaurus:

Thanks for taking the time to watch these highlights; special thanks to all the families who tuned in for one (or both) of these shows!

Musically yours,


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