This Sunday can be the Best Day Ever for you and the kids!

We’re all excited for the concert coming up this Sunday morning 10/27 at the Crossroads in Garwood, NJ (Union County). This will be their first time hosting a kindie concert, and what an occasion! NJ kindie mainstay Baze and His Silly Friends are releasing their 3rd album, the critically acclaimed “Best Day Ever!” Here’s their new video from this album: “Poor Mother Goose.”

We’re opening the show and can promise you a highly energetic performance that will get the kids super excited and create lasting family memories. Here’s footage of us performing our theme song, “Jungle Gym Jamming!”

Baze and his Silly Friends will be joined by a kindie rock star and a children’s TV star! Suzi Shelton will perform with the band on the song she appears on for the new album, as will Stacia Newcomb, the voice of Star on the Good Night Show on PBS Sprout TV!

Baze and his Silly Friends CD Crelease Party

See the event on Facebook and tell us you’re coming!

Doors open at 10:30 AM Sunday 10/27

  • Adults $7
  • Children $5
  • Children under age 2 free

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