Thingamajig – My version of a Kindie Favorite by Lucky Diaz & the Family Jam Band

The Family Jam Band meets the Jungle Gym Jam! After seeing two stellar live performances by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band as an acoustic touring unit, I was really feeling their hit “Thingamajig” as a song to perform as my weekly video. So here it is:

Around the 2-minute-30-second mark watch for a fun surprise I think you grown-ups will relate to if you’ve ever been glued to cable news a little too much…

Lucky’s original version of this song will play a key role on a new upcoming TV show on PBS Kids titled “Lishy Lou and Lucky Too.” You’ll have to tune in to learn more about this particular thingamajig. Leading kindie connoisseur Jeff Bogle wrote in Cooper and Kid’s list of top kids & family singles of 2013 that Thingamajig was “easily the song of the year.” After repeated listens, my family and I agree! Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band are also the current Latin Grammy winners in the Children’s Music category for their all-Spanish-language album “¡Fantastico!”

Another thing to know about Lucky, Lishy and Michael (multi-instrumentalist extaordinare who travels with the band) is what kind and genuine people they are. The level personal details they remember about fellow artists, fans and friends even upon first in-person meeting is striking. That generosity of spirit for kids that appears on camera is the real deal in-person. At a gathering known as KindieComm in Philadelphia, I was attempting to parallel park in a ridiculously tight space (even by New York City standards!) and Lucky took the time to guide me into the space, along with Steve from Hullabaloo! This family band has let success encourage them onto greater heights but has not let it tarnish their genuine goodness.

The backdrop is none other than the interior of Aunt Jean’s Toys and Treats, a store my family loved, where we enjoyed strolling on a summer Saturday night in Montclair with our then-two-year-old Holly. The store is no longer there in the brick-and-mortar sense, but we loved it so much we stayed in touch with its owner Jeanette Lauture, who now brings her store “on the road” to our festival performances so she can still give families that feeling of joy and wonder that goes with so much thought going into every detail of presenting toys and goodies.

Jason Didner plays Thingamajig by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band

What do you think a thingamajig is? Comment below and let’s have some fun with this…

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