The Power of Pretend Play!

The Power of Pretend Play

My 2-year-old daughter’s sense of pretend play is really taking off! Last night, she went looking for the “beach” in our basement. After about 2 laps all over the basement she picked out a spot and decided it was the beach. So we laid down a “blanket” and I gave her “sunscreen” to put on, while I put some on myself. I offered her “sandwiches” and “pink lemonade” for a picnic. Even without any props to stand-in for all the imaginary objects, she was fully engaged in this pretend play for a very long time without losing interest.

We watched “airplanes” going by with ads trailing from the tails, like “Tonight: Jungle Gym Jam at the Stone Pony!” We saw colorful “kites” flying around and even flew one of our own. She kept asking for more “sunscreen” and kept re-applying it to her shirt and pants as if it were “beachwear.” We watched other beachgoers playing “baseball” and “volleyball” and joined in the fun.

When my little girl started to yawn, I pointed out how it was starting to get “dark” and what a beautiful “sunset” was over the water. Once the “sun” went down, it was time for “fireworks.” I gave her a “headset” so the fireworks wouldn’t be too loud. She put it on and watched all the dazzling colors burst (over our washing machine). Pink fireworks, green, blue, and gold all lighting up the “sky.” She was reaching out to catch the fireworks as they streaked down to the horizon.  Finally it was time to fold up the “blanket,” pack our things and go home to bed. After a bath and a change into pajamas, she drifted easily into sleep, aided by a little evening daydreaming with Daddy.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a mid-autumn evening in the “warm summer sun!” What are your stories of pretend play with a child in your life?

2 thoughts on “The Power of Pretend Play!

  1. Amy Conley

    you’re a great dad! This story reminds me of the time my extended family rented a beach house on Cape Cod, MA. One day it POURED! my niece and I were getting dirty looks from her brother as we started to practice the ukulele together from our new book, so we decided to go down to the empty basement, where we set up beach chairs, towels, an umbrella, the cooler, and had a great time singing songs at “the beach!” Yeah, we needed the props cuz they made it comfy colorful and fun. My niece was 20 and I’m a lot older, but I haven’t laughed that much in years! (Great acoustics down there too!)

  2. junglegymjamsite Post author

    Thanks Amy! I like the musical connection in your story as well! Very Brian Wilson-like to bring the beach inside the house for musical inspiration! Kudos for the response!


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