The Making of our Official Band Picture

The most important thing for a band pic is that it should “look like the music sounds!” This picture by Heather Reagan-Holihan of Isis Design & Photo Studios really captures the energy of  the Jungle Gym Jam both in performance and on record.

Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam

“Cross-country Casey” McCleary-harmony vocals, guitar; “Dynamic David” Rosenblum-bass guitar, harmony vocals; “Jersey Jason” Didner, “The Cool Rockin’ Daddy”-lead vocals, lead guitar; “Rockin’ Ross” Kantor-drums, harmony vocals

This photo shoot at Imagine That!!! A New Jersey Children’s Museum came together at the last minute after a gig was cancelled (the first scheduled gig with David on bass). I figured we needed a photo of the new lineup so I chose a great place with lots of potential backdrops for awesome shots of a kindie band.

Heather was easygoing, patient and professional as kids went flying by us every which way when we were taking indoor location shots. She brought a lot of creativity to the process and was very warm and kind with my 3-year-old daughter who was getting “Daddy time” throughout the process.

After capturing some indoor shots (there’s a decommissioned Piper Cub airplane suitable for young aviators to explore), we moved outdoors to take a few shots of the group, mostly with us standing up straight, smiling – typical group shot stuff. But then Heather encouraged us to get a little silly-and that shot became our “keeper!”

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