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Radio Spotlight – Theme Attic with Phil Maq on WHFR-FM Dearborn, MI

Radio host Phil MaqMichigan radio host Phil Maq (www.philmaq.com) has his own approach to categorizing music. To Phil there are really only two genres: “Good music” and “everything else.” When he fits a sampling of that sizable pool of the “good music” that resonates with Phil and his WHFR-FM listeners into an engaging and topical theme, the result is often surprising and satisfying at the same time. When the theme is a “road trip,” you might hear a Beatles song, followed by the work of a band that specializes in children’s music, followed by Frank Sinatra belting out “Route 66.” When you start enjoying music to a theme instead of one specific genre, the words, melodies and rhythms have a way of transporting you.

–> Tune into WHFR-FM at your computer now.

The kids’ music is where I come into the picture. After noticing some twitter interaction between fellow kindie artist Joanie Leeds and Phil Maq about radio airplay, I naturally reacted by offering my singles for Phil to share on the show. Since the summer, Phil has given my songs a reliable home on his Wednesday morning program and includes songs I’ve written both for children and for adults, as the theme calls for it. Other kindie artists have been known to pop up in Phil’s playlist, since the lyric ideas in kindie songs are quite varied. You’ll probably find a few kindie songs that fits any given theme Phil cooks up.

I tune in just about every Wednesday that I can, whether or not I’m in the playlist that day, because it’s a fascinating listen and it’s fun to “play along” with Phil, thinking up other songs that would fit the theme. If you’re in or around Dearborn, MI, tune in to 89.3 FM. From anywhere else in the world, listen live at http://whfr.fm on Wednesdays from 10:00 AM Eastern to 12:00 noon.

Phil’s show has inspired me to run a new daily ritual on Facebook. As a parent, I come up with a parenting playlist theme every day. Recent themes have been “Nursing your Kid Back to Health”, “Supermarket Meltdown”, “Halloween Candy Hangover” and “Play Date!” I pick the first song title and open up the comments for fellow parents to add their song ideas. To play along with me, simply like our Facebook page.