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Where is Your Happy Place? Let’s Discuss…

My latest song “Your Happy Place” is meant to be a show opener, establishing that everyone in the audience, of all ages, is free to follow their imagination to their happy place during the run of the show and when thinking about the show afterward.

One cool thing about this song is that it ties together the settings and scenes of many of our other songs, so this song really sets the tone of the songs and stories to follow in a live performance. It also engages the audience in conversation to ask “Where’s your happy place?”

So I’m asking you! Use the comments below to tell us about your happy place for you and your family (real or imagined – it’s all good!)

Storyteller Tuesday: The Pick Song!

Welcome to The Music Marketing Mind’s ongoing online experiment of Storyteller Tuesday! This week’s song and story are about the inspiration for a bouncy little number of mine called “The Pick Song!” As with all things, guitar picks require safe and careful handling, especially around little ones. There were two different times of my life where kids were involved that I was able to draw upon to cook up this song. Learn more about it in the video below:

Amy, my wife and co-lyricist helped me smooth out the flow of the phrases so the song would be both easier for me to sing and easier for you and the kids to understand.

This tune made it to Goober Kids Radio’s top 25 most requested songs of 2013 and appears on our Parents’ Choice Approved album “Everyone’s Invited!

You can download the studio version of the song on iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby.


– Jason