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Storyteller Tuesday – Too Big to Jump on the Bed

Music Marketing MindThis week’s contribution to Storyteller Tuesday for the Music Marketing Mind Facebook group and page is “Too Big to Jump on the Bed.”

The Music Marketing Mind is an extraordinarily active community that does far more than just compliment each other’s songs or drive up each other’s play counts. We share real world advice and provide feedback as to what’s working online, at gigs and in our communities to build a passionate following.

Goober Kids Radio - Hits of the PlayhouseThis is a special week to re-share it because the song is included in the “Hits of the Playhouse Vol. 1” compilation to benefit Goober Kids Radio, a wonderful worldwide radio station for kids and their families.

My 3-year-old daughter asked me to jump up and down on her toddler bed with her. As I thought of an explanation why I couldn’t do that, it came out as the chorus of the song. I sang my answer while holding her hands so she could jump: “I’m too big to jump on the bed / You’ll have to jump on it for us!”

My wife Amy and I spent many car rides thinking over the possibilities of how to build a story song around that one hook. We wanted it to be funny and relatable to our own experience. I hope you agree that we hit that mark when you listen back.

You’ll also notice a nod to the traditional “Five Little Monkeys” as if this song were the sequel to that one. Enjoy! Leave your comments below and check out “Storyteller Tuesdays” every week at Music Marketing Mind.

New Single on Hits of the Playhouse Vol. 1 for Goober Kids Radio!

Goober Kids Radio - Hits of the PlayhouseI’m happy to announce that a great compilation album from Canadian kindie radio station Goober Kids Radio has been released, including my new song “Too Big to Jump on the Bed!” Stream the album for free at Goober Kids Radio’s Bandcamp page. If you love it, download it for a great price so you can take it with you anywhere you need to soothe the souls of your little ones!

Here’s my announcement on YouTube about my contribution and a little story behind the song:

The track listing includes some of our favorite kindie artists; I can’t wait to play this for my 3-year-old daughter!

1. Rocknoceros – The Playhouse Theme  00:30
2. Jr. Madness – Jim-A-Long Josie  02:20
3. Kidville – Go Go Go (feat. Paulie Z)  02:25
4. Dog On Fleas – Michael How the Roe  04:11
5. Billy Gorilly – P-Terry the P-Terodactyl  03:08
6. The Wanna Bees – Get Up and Get Out (Exercise)  02:39
7. Mr. Billy – Double O Monster  03:54
8. Birdie – Slip ‘N Slide  02:15
9. POLKA DOT! and SUPER SOFIA! – Dress to Impress!  03:04
10. The Zing Zangs – Kick It!  02:21
11. Boxtop Jenkins – Wag More (feat. Indigo Girls)  02:56
12. Little Miss Ann – Can You Make a Circle?  03:43
13. Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam – Too Big to Jump on the Bed  02:44
14. Marsha Goodman-Wood – Ninja School  02:24
15. Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips – Love Bubble Unplugged  03:15
16. Baze And His Silly Friends – Miracle  03:32

Here’s a fun little fact about the Zing Zangs’ track “Kick It!”: I contributed a guest guitar solo to that one (my 2nd guest guitar solo on a Zing Zangs tune!)

Thanks Trevor for including me in this project!


Everyone’s Invited – An Interview on Goober Kids Radio!

Goober Kids RadioThe current episode of Goober Kids Radio with Trevor is entirely dedicated to an interview with me about the Jungle Gym Jam, our new album, and how we got started and what inspires us. I give some acoustic performances and Trevor spins some of our tracks.

At age 13, Trevor is a highly skilled radio host, multimedia wiz (He designed the opening title animation and closing credits for the Cool Rockin’ Daddy Video Show!) and kindie rocker in his own right with The Zing Zangs. He actively engages the kindie community doing Skype chats to collaborate on songwriting and ideas to advance public awareness and excitement about music for kids and families.

Win mechandise from the Jungle Gym Jam store!Trevor’s also doing a giveaway of our CD along with other merchandise from our store! Check out the Goober Kids Radio Contests page for a chance to win the album, a tie-dye T-shirt, beach ball and tambourine in a gift basket.

You can also subscribe to the Goober Kids Radio podcast on Apple iTunes.

Say, Who’s That Man with the Moustache?

Jason Didner donning his 'moustache' and playing a solo on The Zing Zangs' Moustaches song for the kid in all of us.It’s not every day that you get an e-mail from Canada asking you to play a guitar solo on a song about ‘Moustaches’ (Canadian spelling) by two 13-year-old whiz-kids! When I heard the song, its sense of humour (as long as we’re sticking with Canadian spellings), I knew the guitar solo had to have a laughing, witty tone to it as well. The wah-wah pedal adds a great laugh or cry to a soloing guitar; just ask Steve Vai or Eric Clapton, so I added that element to my solo; the first time I had done so since “Instant Love (Just Add Water)” back in ’03.

Check out the video here:

Notice my “serious” face? After a few takes when I was smiling, my grin kept loosening up the fake mustache, so I had to keep a straight face (until of course I start making guitar solo faces at the end!) It was a great surprise to see my New Jersey kindie friend Marc Bazerman of Baze and His Silly Friends show up with a mustache with his boys in matching mustaches and air guitar moves.

See what Stefan at Zooglobble had to say about this compelling ode to facial foliage.

The Zing Zangs, the kinde duo that created this video, is co-fronted by Trevor from Goober Kids Radio, a great Internet radio station dedicated to children’s entertainment featuring music, storytelling and interviews.


Cool Rockin’ Daddy Video Show Episode 2 Is Up!

This episode features our first artist interview and three brand new videos!

Amy Didner interviews Ron Albanese (Polka Dot!) and his daughter Sofia about the song they wrote together, the father-daughter music video collab and being a children’s entertainer and a kid at the same time! Then we show the broadcast premiere of the new video “Dress to Impress.”

We also air Grammy-nominated family music artist Justin Roberts‘ latest video “Recess.” Justin’s coming to the Sensory-Friendly Theatre at the Union County Performing Arts Center in Rahway, NJ on Sunday afternoon, November 17. Tickets are still available but going fast. This concert is geared to the needs of children on the Autistic spectrum and for the enjoyment of all!

Then, we take the shrink-wrap off The Zing-Zangs‘ fun collab with kindie rapper/singer Mista Cookie Jar with the world premier of “Super Speed!”

If you live in or around Montclair, NJ, tune in to TV-34 (Verizon or Comcast) every day at 12:00 noon for the new episode. You can also watch the episode online right now from anywhere in the world!

Show produced by Sharon Colucci
Camera and editing by Heather Altschuler
Opening Titles and Credits by Trevor, Goober Kids Media

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