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New Song “The Ultimate Frisbee” on Storyteller Tuesday

This week on Storyteller Tuesday I introduce “The Ultimate Frisbee” and teach kids about the art of making up “tall tales” as a form of creative storytelling.

I’ve always enjoyed playing Frisbee; it was hard for me to learn to make a good throw as a kid, but I kept trying and getting better and better, a mindset that helped me get better at making music as I went along. I always loved making the running, jumping catches too.

What stories do your family share that are tall tales? Superhero stories and movies count! Do your kids make up their own tall tales? I’d love for you to comment about them below.

Storyteller Tuesday is a weekly custom at the Music Marketing Mind, the most active independent music marketing group in all of Facebook.

Here are all five YouTube videos I’ve shared on Storyteller Tuesdays if you like the format. I sure like sharing the stories behind my songs!