“Summertime Santa!” an Original Jersey Shore Christmas Single

In November 2015 we released this single, “Summertime Santa!”

You can pick it up on Bandcamp or anywhere else you get your music online:

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Request “Summertime Santa” on SiriusXM Kids Place Live:

Here are the lyrics:

Summertime Santa

(c) 2015, Lyrics by Amy and Jason Didner; Music by Jason Didner

What does Santa do in the summertime
When there are waves to surf in the warm sunshine?
Does he kick off his tall black winter boots
And put on a red and white bathing suit?
Does he play skee ball in the boardwalk arcade
And go with Mrs. Claus for a walk in the shade?

Summertime Santa down the shore
Serving up treats in the ice cream store
Riding around on his bicycle
Away from the arctic icicles
Summertime Santa, Summertime Santa
I’m glad you’re on vacation with me

What does Santa do on a summer day?
Does he fly with a banner behind his sleigh
To remind the kids to share their beach toys
Does he play volleyball with nice girls and boys?
Does he hang up his big red winter coat
And take time to unwind on his fishing boat


The crashing waves sound wonderful
When mixed with Santa’s bells
And the merry sounds of laughter ‘round the carousel


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