Bright Green Kicks and Bright Red Guitar Strings!

My First Impressions Review of Strings by Aurora

by Jason Didner – lead singer/guitarist for kids/family rock band, Jungle Gym Jam

Red acoustic guitar strings by Aurora - made in the USA.

Thanks to the good folks at Strings by Aurora, I’ve been able to add even more color to my kids-and-family rock-n-roll show!  Now, to go with my bright green Converse Chucks, I’ve got bright red stings on my Martin acoustic guitar too!

I’ll be stringing up my electric guitar, my bass and the family’s ukuleles with Aurora strings of various colors as well.

“But how do they sound,” you may ask… My first impression after tuning up and playing is that they sound as bright and cheerful as they look! Chords ring loud and clear when strummed with a pick; the strings whisper nicely when played in a soft fingerstyle. They struck my ear as sounding more like a bright “80/20” acoustic string than like the darker, rounder tone of a “phosphor bronze” string, something to consider when deciding on the tone quality that’s right for your music.

The strings felt as good as I could want under my fingers as well — every bit as good as any new set of strings I’ve ever put on this guitar. This week I’ll perform live with these new strings at two public libraries by the Jersey Shore; we’ll really see and hear what they can do! Time will tell how durable the strings prove for me as the packaging claims.

The use of color in an unexpected place like the strings of the guitar is eye catching and can be a valuable learning aid for young musicians, especially with the multi-color pack of strings that I will put on the electric guitar soon. There’s a variety pack of strings that was meant to be used with the video game Rocksmith, the one that uses your real guitar, not a game controller. The strings are color-coded on screen and the coloring of the various strings for your guitar matches the color coding, making the instrument that much easier to learn along the way. My goal by using colorful strings is to add to the kid-friendly visual appeal of my live shows, photos and weekly music videos.

Aurora guitar string package

Another plus, the strings are 100% made in the U.S.A. from American raw materials through finished product.

The plastic inner packaging inside the pouch of strings felt very snug around the individual string pouches and there was what felt like a bit too much adhesive, making it a little difficult to open the plastic wrapping. Once I got the plastic off, I found it pretty easy to get at the strings and to know which string was which. Only the low E string is not in a paper pouch, since it’s used to display the color through a small “window” in the outer packaging. For beginning musicians, you’ll need to go by the gauge (string thickness) number printed on each string to know which string you’re putting on; the paper pouches display only the gauge numbers, not note names (E, A, D, G, B, E) or string order (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th). If you keep the strings in sequence you’ll be OK. I’d still suggest that the Aurora manufacturers print the additional information on the string pouches – if no other reason, then just to aid with new musicians’ learning process.

My overall first impression of my experience with the strings and the company is that I recommend these strings for kid-friendly musicians looking to add a splash of color to their performances. I also recommend these strings to young beginner musicians who might get a little extra clarity from the color coding and motivation by the bright, cheerful look added to their instruments. Priced at $12.95, these strings are more of a premium product, in the price range with other strings with the “extra long life” claim. The value for the money is an individual choice each musician will make based on how well the strings last on your guitar with your playing style and how pleased you are with the look and feel. The element of bright & cheerful colors is certainly a winner in this day and age where the visual impression you make is a big part of how you tell your story as an artist to your audience.

Many thanks to Brandi at Aurora Strings (Artist Relations) for reaching out to me and making it easy to give these great strings a try. I’m happy to be playing my cherished instrument with a bright new look with a great tone and feel to match.

Full Disclosure: I was sent a free evaluation package of Strings by Aurora with the expectation of an honest evaluation. I was not paid for a pre-determined favorable opinion.


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