Story behind the Song – The Pick Song


Jason Didner of the Jungle Gym JamI’ve been playing guitar for kids since I was a teenager. I often let them line up neatly and strum the guitar after the performance. Usually one kid drops the pick in the sound hole of the guitar, causing me to have to turn the guitar upside down and shake out the pick. When I later played for my own nieces and daughter, there was a new concern – they would put everything in their mouths, so I felt the need for a song that teaches “Don’t put the pick in your mouth.” I felt like this song just wrote itself.


Amy and I brainstormed other things you shouldn’t do with a pick, and just allowed ourselves to be ridiculous about it. We had some great laughs coming up with the rhymes in the pre-chorus that set up each chorus and its advice about where not to put the pick.

In the Studio

The Pick Song - Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym JamThis is the only song on the album to feature Amy’s spoken voice. In my music for grown-ups, Amy lends her spoken-voice talents on “Quit While You’re Ahead,” a blues tune about gambling to play the cocktail waitress making her rounds through the casino. The Pick Song, when released as a single in the summer of 2013, featured artwork by Montclair’s comic book artist Rick Man. He created a character known as “Pick Man,” whose triangular upper body fits the role of a superhero and guitar pick quite nicely. Rick was the perfect guy to do this artwork because not only does he draw comic books, but he’s a talented guitarist/singer/songwriter in his own right.

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