Story behind the Song – The People Exhibit at the Zoo


A day at the zoo

I was on a trip to the zoo with my daughter. This is one of our favorite nearby places to go for a little father-daughter time. When we came to the gibbons (small apes), the volunteer told us how the gibbons are really fascinated with watching the people who come by their habitat. So I had a funny thought that while we’re at the gibbon exhibit, they’re at the people exhibit.


Amy and I took our time to come up with the funniest observations animals might make about the way people behave out in a public place like the zoo – all the stuff we carry, our obsession with our phones, our comical attempts to mimic the animals, and even our table manners at the snack bar.

In the Studio

This is the only track on the album to feature a keyboard I’ve had since I was in college in the late 80s. It was the vintage Roland D-50. This keyboard has some great, classic sounds like the marimba (like a xylophone, but with wooden keys) and the spacy-sounding “Glass Harp” tone I used. Judy’s bass line really stands out on this tune; a highly energetic part with a cool run in the guitar solo that inspired the harmony I play to her part at the beginning of the solo. I had lots of fun adding rhythmic animal imitations throughout the song in response to the sound effects Dave found to add to the track.

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