Story behind the song – Peek-a-boo Moon

Peek-a-boo Moon Single ArtworkInspiration

Amy and I were walking out of a building with our then one-year-old daughter one cloudy night. She was looking up at the sky as a cloud drifted away revealing the moon. She got so excited and pointed. “Moooo!” she called the moon at the time. This moment gave Amy and me the song idea around the concept of the moon playing peek-a-boo with a child.


We had a strong feeling about this song’s potential and were determined to take our time and get it right. We composed a draft and I made a demo recording. We approached fellow Children’s Music Network member Katherine Dines for a professional critique of the song. Her feedback was very valuable; she encouraged us to make the song more conversational, more descriptive about the colors, shapes and sizes of the moon and the way it makes us feel. We went through two rounds of re-writes and critiques to really take the lyrics to their potential.

In the Studio

The harmony vocals from Meg Beattie really add a dreamy quality to the track. We had worked out her part in my home studio and then entered Snowdome Studios looking to capture that same feeling. The soft keyboard parts and light drumming mix well with the acoustic guitar to add to that dreamy quality. We reached out to children’s book illustrator Hannah Tuohy to lovingly illustrate a playful encounter between the moon and a child.

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