Story behind the Song – My Glasses

by Amy Didner, lyricist

Holly first glassesInspiration

We were very surprised to hear from two different eye doctors that our then-one-year-old daughter would need to start wearing glasses at such an early age. Of course we wanted her to have every advantage when it came to learning through visual means, so we agreed to order glasses. Still, we wondered how a one-year-old was going to keep her glasses on for any great length of time.

Jason and I both felt a need for a song that spoke to the benefits a kid can get from wearing glasses and to reframe the way kids who need to wear glasses may feel about themselves. We talked about the many abilities our daughter would have with her new glasses on the car ride to pick up her first pair. We completed the first verse and chorus on that trip alone.


We took our time completing the song, trying out many alternatives for a 2nd and 3rd verse that could measure up to the strength of the first verse and chorus. We also tried a bridge section that had lots of words and was difficult to work out a melody that fit in with the rest of the song. Our ultimate decision was to eliminate excess words wherever we could in the bridge and let the simple message come through.

In the Studio

This is one of those songs that had the benefit of a few live performances in the fall of 2013 before Jason and the band went into the studio to record it. Twice, we got comments on our e-mailing list sign-up sheet from parents that they especially liked this song. The arrangement went through some minor changes to make it work for the record, with some clever suggestions from Judy, the bassist, on where to hold certain chords longer to emphasize transitions between sections of the song going in and out of the guitar solo.

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