Story behind the Song: Jungle Gym Jamming


Time to put down that gadget and get up from that chairHeading into the band’s first concert, Amy and I felt like we needed a friendly, energetic “hello” song to introduce ourselves to our audience at the show. We already had half a dozen great songs, but none of them struck me as a show opener. We were inspired to create one that was true to what we care about.


We started thinking about ways we could energize the kids and invite them to get moving. Encouraging kids to step away from the video games for a while and make time for active play was on our minds.

I was also thinking about the values we stand for, like not excluding people when you don’t have to, so we have a really important line in the middle of the song: “Everyone’s invited and no one gets left out!”

Here’s the video for this song:

Fun fact: the song encourages 15 kinds of movement in less than 4 minutes!

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