Story behind the Song – Glass Bottom Boat

Our daughter on a sailboat in the Ft. Lauderdale Children's MuseumInspiration

When my daughter was about 1 year old we had a family gathering at my aunt’s house. My daughter was in a high chair looking down through the glass table at her big cousin’s antics below the table. Amy and I remarked that it was as if our daughter were watching her cousin through a class bottom boat. The song idea would remain in our minds for some time.


This song mostly needed research into the glass bottom boat ride experience to be able to write something of value. Most of my searches led me to the Silver Springs glass bottom boat ride in Ocala Florida and getting to know what kinds of animals call those waters their home. The research helped us write a first draft that I was ready to present for critique to fellow Children’s Music Network member Monty Harper, who writes great songs for kids on scientific subjects. He preferred the approach I took in the original second verse over how I handled the first verse. This resulted in a complete re-writing of the first verse and some modifications to the chorus to help the whole song flow.

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