Smile in my Heart – the Suzi Shelton song performed by Jason Didner

This week I share a wonderful song that’s been growing in meaning for me. Along with my wife Amy and 3-year-old daughter Holly, I’ve been a fan of Suzi’s singing and songwriting for kids and families. Her songs and voice are the stuff happy family memories are made of. Hearing Holly start singing the lyric lines “Gonna rise it up, gonna share it with you” on the spur of a moment only endeared Suzi’s music to us that much more.

In that spirit, it’s my pleasure to share my version of “Smile in My Heart” with you this week!

Suzi and I have a project in the works that we’re recording together this month. I can’t wait to share it with you; my imagination is buzzing with what our performance will sound like when Suzi’s voice is added to it!

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Jason Didner performs Suzi Shelton's song Smile in my Heart - for kids and families

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