Say, Who’s That Man with the Moustache?

Jason Didner donning his 'moustache' and playing a solo on The Zing Zangs' Moustaches song for the kid in all of us.It’s not every day that you get an e-mail from Canada asking you to play a guitar solo on a song about ‘Moustaches’ (Canadian spelling) by two 13-year-old whiz-kids! When I heard the song, its sense of humour (as long as we’re sticking with Canadian spellings), I knew the guitar solo had to have a laughing, witty tone to it as well. The wah-wah pedal adds a great laugh or cry to a soloing guitar; just ask Steve Vai or Eric Clapton, so I added that element to my solo; the first time I had done so since “Instant Love (Just Add Water)” back in ’03.

Check out the video here:

Notice my “serious” face? After a few takes when I was smiling, my grin kept loosening up the fake mustache, so I had to keep a straight face (until of course I start making guitar solo faces at the end!) It was a great surprise to see my New Jersey kindie friend Marc Bazerman of Baze and His Silly Friends show up with a mustache with his boys in matching mustaches and air guitar moves.

See what Stefan at Zooglobble had to say about this compelling ode to facial foliage.

The Zing Zangs, the kinde duo that created this video, is co-fronted by Trevor from Goober Kids Radio, a great Internet radio station dedicated to children’s entertainment featuring music, storytelling and interviews.


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