Remember “We Are the World?” Here are All the Singers on that Collaboration

We Are the World cover artworkOur daughter recently became a major fan of Michael Jackson, thanks to a Montclair Film Festival screening of The Wiz over the summer. So, Amy and I played her the video of “We Are the World.” The whole story of the charitable collaboration really resonated with Amy and me on multiple levels, partly because we’ve gotten involved in many charitable projects with the kindie music community and have a more profound understanding of how “We Are the World” changed the scale of what musicians could do for charity when they work together. In total, USA for Africa raised over $63 million, sending 90% of it to Africa to aid with the deadly famine they were suffering through, thanks to the single they recorded in 1985.

I decided it would be fun to put together a playlist of every singer who appeared on that famous track – in the order of their solos, and then followed by the artists who were in the chorus but didn’t have a solo (Smokey Robinson or Pointer Sisters, anyone??)

In retrospect, I had forgotten just how big Bruce Springsteen’s presence was on that track, appearing prominently at 2 different points in the production.

Please comment below on what the “We Are the World” project means to you.

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