Rehearsing through a Flood? Now That’s Determination!

2014-04-30 21.19.11Last night New Jersey took on an unbelievable 6 inches of rain, which of course caused my basement studio to flood. Last night we were also rehearsing for a busy weekend of gigs. This meant running the wet-dry vac to pick up the excess water between all the songs we were rehearsing. We had lots of new material to include in rehearsal and I was with a pretty determined bunch. So every time I took to the vacuum, my bandmates started working out parts to the various songs until I was ready to join in for one song before having to bail out more water.

This went on for the whole rehearsal. Casey found that  the vacuum actually helped her concentrate and when I stopped vacuuming, she’d lose her place in the songs. I think that’s because the noise of the vacuum could be like the cheers of thousands of fans in the crowd!

Our repertoire, ironically, included a lot of songs about water: “Octopus’s Garden,” “Stay in the Pool,” and “Glass Bottom Boat,” to name a few.

I hope you made out OK in the flooding if you’re on the East Coast. What is the greatest show of determination that you’ve ever been part of or witnessed? Comment below.


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