Congratulations Raffi and Here’s My Version of Baby Beluga!

Children’s music legend Raffi has a new album out this summer – “Love Bug.” This is his first album of all new children’s music in 12 years. I’ve been following his social sharing over the last year since entering his profession and have seen him advocate passionately for his vision of childhood development via research and books. He’s best known for gently fostering healthy, happy childhoods in song and he’s back to those roots.

To celebrate, I’ve created my own version of “Baby Beluga” on YouTube. It’s a favorite of my nieces and a song that used to be requested of me long before I went kindie, when I would visit my wife’s and mom’s classrooms (both teachers!)

Congratulations Raffi on your return to making those cozy albums that help kids feel so safe and warm with their families!

Baby Beluga Jungle Gym Jam version - Congrats Raffi on New Album

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