Putting the Family on the Family Album

Last night, the Jungle Gym Jam fulfilled its purpose in a deeper sense. It was always meant to be family music – from our family to yours – from the first times our almost-2-year-old inspired us to write songs through the way she was absorbing the world around her.

Holly, Jason and Amy from the Jungle Gym have a little fun after recording vocals for the Lollipop Motel album.As these nearly three years have gone by, Holly has grown into her role with the band, from those earliest shows where she’d stand on stage just to be close to Daddy and eat her snacks, unconcerned with the audience’s reaction, to now singing and dancing on stage and beginning to work the frets on her mini guitar.

But last night was a huge leap forward. Whereas our first album “Everyone’s Invited!” was made entirely by adults, our upcoming album “Lollipop Motel” now features three tracks with children singing (or roaring) on it. Holly and Amy laid down some vocal tracks for “Jam Packed’ and “Jersey Dinosaurs,” two songs that definitely benefit from youthful energy and humor. Now it’s truly an album by a family for families. It’s got parts sung by adults and kids for adults and kids!

Young Holly, now almost 5, handled the session like a total pro, willingly re-taking any passage where the timing could be tightened up and responding well to cues. This was clearly not the same kid who gives us a battle when we need her to stay at the table and keep eating dinner!

While Holly was easy to work with, she was also very spirited, having fun and lots of laughs in between takes. Her only request was that I sit as close to her as possible. Rearranging stools and microphones was no big deal; I was happy to do it. It was truly a great family moment for Amy, Holly and me. And it made us that much more of a kids’ band

Here’s a live performance video of “Jersey Dinosaurs” in front of Haddonfield, NJ’s hadrosaurus statue from last summer:

The heart of our Jungle Gym Jam family music project has always been that it’s from our family to yours. What can you imagine your family creating to share with other families? Please comment below.

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