Lollipop Motel Album CD


A beach-themed family rock album with plenty of that feel-good “Jersey Shore” sound! For families that might enjoy Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny or Bon Jovi on a car ride down the shore.

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This new album is the soundtrack to your family’s summer trips, especially to the beach! Inspired by our time at the Jersey Shore and influenced by the musical styles of Bruce Springsteen and Southside Johnny, full of messages you’ll love sharing with your family about the joy of living in the moment together. In addition to the physical CD I’ll immediately e-mail you a secret link to download MP3s of the entire album.

Each copy purchased directly from our web site is personally signed by me. Enter your email address on the order form and I’ll e-mail you to request the children’s names for whom I’m signing the CDs.

In addition to the physical CD I’ll send you a secret link to download MP3s of the entire album for more convenient import to your music library and favorite music player.

Track listing:

  1. Your Happy Place
  2. Day at the Beach
  3. Restless Heart
  4. Jam Packed
  5. Lollipop Motel
  6. Little Yellow Plane
  7. My Superpower
  8. The Ultimate Frisbee (feat. Polka Dot!)
  9. Jersey Dinosaurs
  10. Summertime Santa
  11. Too Big to Jump on the Bed
  12. Free to Be…You and Me (feat. Suzi Shelton)

Now through December 31, if you order this CD I’ll donate a matching copy to Toys for Tots so a child in need will have a holiday gift from you!


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