Pre-order new album “Lollipop Motel” Today!

Get our “Day at the Beach” track right away!

Our beachy new album Lollipop Motel is now up for pre-order!

Pre-order at Bandcamp now and get the song “Day at the Beach” right away! The remaining tracks will follow on the album’s official release date, May 13.

Or pre-order on iTunes and get “Day at the Beach” immediately!

Pre-ordering helps in several ways: pre-ordering of the physical CD helps ensure we get the right quantity of discs printed for release day. It also helps us with official chart position so more people will become aware of our album. So, if you and your family love the music of the Jungle Gym Jam, you can help take this shared experience to the next level with your pre-order. We’re not waiting for Sony Records to discover us – we’re more impressed with the power of YOU having discovered us!

Lollipop Motel album cover - Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam

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