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Playdate House Concert with Jason Didner from the Jungle Gym Jam “Best. Playdate. Ever.” said Jennifer at the end of a recent playdate house concert I had performed. The kids, age 1 through 5, were dancing, bringing puppets to life, singing along, making up their own songs and keeping the beat, all while I sang and played guitar featuring songs about sea lions, ladybugs, the moon, and why it’s good to keep up on active play that includes everyone.

After 40 minutes of moving and grooving, the little ones were ready to dive into the snacks and juice that Jennifer had thoughtfully prepared for everyone. Safe to say, a good time was had by all! The moms enjoyed the time to socialize and watch their kids engage with the music. The older kids showed their own inspiration to create new lyrics while the younger ones took it all in with egg shaker in hand.

Thanks to the success of these playdates and house concerts where I’ve performed, I’m pleased to offer you and your playgroup the house concert experience. I’ll come to your house and give a 40-minute acoustic performance complete with meet-and-greet and autographing. If you can gather at least five families to your home for a playdate house concert, we can make this happen!

Each family makes a “pay-what-you-want” donation at the end of the show. Time of day for the concert is up to you. For a Mommy-and-me experience with babies/toddlers, mornings (before naptime) usually work best. A 10:00 or 10:30 AM start would be ideal. To get your Kindergarteners in on the fun, we can schedule an after-school event, perhaps at 3:30 or 4:00. An evening whole-family playdate house concert makes for a nice, enriching alternative to family TV time and could start around 7 PM. My most practical location for house concerts is in New Jersey/New York Metro area. But feel free to ask me about house concerts anywhere. These concerts can be worked into a travel schedule.

If you want to host a playgroup but aren’t sure where to find like-minded families to attend, you can start by joining one of the many parenting groups in your area like Diva Moms NJ (Livingston/Short Hills), Mommies 24/7 (Montclair or Summit), or Moms of Verona/Caldwell. I can also partner with you to help attract turnout, including personalized YouTube videos you can share where I announce your concert and perform a little sample of what will be in the concert. I can also help by spreading the word to my eGoodie Bag subscribers, as well as Twitter and Facebook followers.

Download this free guide to hosting your own Playdate House Concert.

Hosting a Playdate House Concert by Jason Didner

To book a house concert, send an e-mail to, call 201-838-1205 or fill out the convenient questionnaire below:

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