We’re the People Exhibit at the Zoo!

Jungle Gym Jam to rock Turtle Back Zoo on Sunday 10/26

The Essex County Turtle Back Zoo has been a special place to take my daughter since she was one year old. On our very first visit, the penguins swam up to her and studied her carefully through the glass. We also saw a sign posted that day that a new sea lion exhibit was being constructed. I filed these thoughts away for future use…

On Sunday October 26, the band and I will perform at Turtle Back Zoo for the second time. Last year we gave our first-ever electric performance at this zoo, marking its own 50th anniversary. Our connection with the zoo is special for another reason as well. Three of our songs were inspired by family time spent there, including “The People Exhibit at the Zoo” from the above video. Here’s the story behind the song and the full album track.

Two other songs, “Five Sea LIons” and “Window of the Train” are also inspired by this zoo. “Five Sea Lions” was written with the knowledge that the exhibit was being built combined with happy memories of a trip with Amy to San Francisco, where wild sea lions had taken over Pier 39 and were playfully barking and rolling over each other. “Window of the Train” came from the wonderful train ride around the zoo grounds where you really can “see the sun sparkle on the water out the window of the train.”

JGJ TBZ 2014 Digital Flyer Wide

Last time we performed at Turtle Back Zoo, big kids were doing cartwheels, babies were cuddling with their parents and one little boy declared “Peek-a-boo Moon” to be his favorite song. Our show and our set list have developed by leaps and bounds since then. The band and I are looking forward to making wonderful new memories with this Sunday’s performance.

This Sunday, you’ll see our official lineup:

  • “Rockin’ Ross” Kantor on drums
  • “Cross-Country Casey” McCleary on harmony vocals, keyboard, guitar, and percussion
  • “Amazing Alyssa” Menes on bass guitar and harmonies
  • Yours truly, “Jersey Jason” on lead vocals and guitar

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