It’s Here! Pandagarten Single Released 6/23

Adorable synth pop tune teaches how Chinese nature centers are bringing giant pandas back from endangerment

Pandagarten single artwork - Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam 2017

Cover artwork for upcoming “Pandagarten” single

“Awesome Amy” has always loved pandas. One of my little gifts to her around the time we were married was a panda pillow. Two years ago we came face-to-face with a panda for the first time – it was Bao-Bao, the panda cub in the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C. That was a special and moving experience for our whole family, just 2 weeks before we underwent a kidney transplant together.

This lively new track benefits from the 80s synth sounds I grew up on, where I found so much inspiration that later came over to the guitar. Then, amping up the cute factor is the vocal appearance of “Hoppin’ Holly” with her cousins Natalie & Maya and her friend Elisa.

Here’s a review of the new track by children’s music/parenting blogger Jeffrey Cohen, a.k.a. MrJeff2000. 

Pandagarten marks a new era in our music-making. We’ve begun self-producing our music at home, using the experience we collected working in commercial studios with producers and engineers. This exciting change will allow us to bring more of our musical ideas to life, year-round, not just when we have the opportunity and resources to book studio time.

The track is available worldwide now for download:

You can also stream it at:

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Here’s a stripped-down acoustic performance of the song, captured soon after the writing was completed:

For more information about pandas — and the source of our inspiration, check out the book Panda Kindergarten by Joanne Ryder, illustrated with photos by Kathleen Feng, published by Harper Collins. It’s a wonderful book that really gave us the framework for our based-on-a-true-story song.

Want to sing along with it? Here are the lyrics:


© 2017, Lyrics by Jason & Amy Didner, Music by Jason Didner

 Ni Hao! I’m Bao Bao the Panda and I’m 2 years old
Born the size of a stick of butter, so I’m told
At first fuzzy and pink and now I’m black and white
When my eyes began to work, Mom was such a beautiful sight!

Well, the years went by and Mom and I began doing our own thing
And then my human teachers took me under their wings
Under their wings…

We get an awesome start in (awesome start in)
Our Panda kindergarten (Pandagarten)
Our teachers put the heart in (put the heart in)
Our Panda Kindergarten (Pandagarten)
We grow capable and smart in (Growing smart in)
Our panda kindergarten (Pandagarten)
That’s where we learn and play

Verse 2:
There are sixteen pandas in my class
It’s me and my furry friends
On a playground where we swing and climb
And try again and again

All this exercise and these healthy treats
Help us grow big and strong
For a year or so we’ll learn new skills
And how to get along

When we graduate, some classmates will stay here to have a child
And the most daring and adaptable will be picked to live out in the wild


(Pandagarten) Pandagarten
That’s where we learn and play
(Pandagarten) Pandagarten
That’s where we learn and play

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