An NJ Dad’s Musical Labor of Love Debuts, Earning Parents’ Choice Approved Seal

Jason Didner from the Jungle Gym Jam holding his CD Everyone's Invited!FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

MONTCLAIR, NJ – Singer/songwriter Jason Didner could not ignore the calling that arose from his experiences parenting his then almost-2-year-old daughter. “Seeing the world in new ways through her eyes was too much for me to leave alone without songs to celebrate all the little milestones,” he said.

With the help of his wife Amy, an experienced teacher, on the lyrics, Jason proceeded to set to music his daughter’s wonder at seeing the moon re-appear from behind clouds, her affection for a ladybug on her ceiling, a quenching of his own curiosity to know how sea lions are different from seals, and many more everyday family adventures.

The resulting collection of songs deserved a rock-n-roll band to perform and professionally record this music, according to Jason and Amy. So they set out to do just that, and the talent was assembled to form Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam ( That band entered the studio and proceeded to create its debut album “Everyone’s Invited!” which was released early in 2014.

Most recently, that album earned the Parents’ Choice® Approved seal, a distinction that is awarded to only 20% of all applicants, each of whom has to pay an application fee that would make any artist think twice about seeking an approval they’re unlikely to get unless their product possesses an exceptional ability to delight and enrich kids and families.

Music historian and dad Lahri Bond offered this review on behalf of the Parents’ Choice® Foundation.

In the review, Lahri singled out “Peek-a-boo Moon” (below) as a highlight of the album.

If you agree with Parents’ Choice® and want this album in your family’s collection, you can listen/buy at your favorite online music retailer below.

The album is available as a physical CD or download at, where it has entered the Top 40 in Kids/Family music (out of thousands of albums), or as a download from Apple iTunes, Google Play and Amazon MP3.

Download on iTunes amazonmp3 Get it on Google Play

Jason and the band offer a free PDF eBook containing stories behind all the songs, lyric and chord charts, coloring pages and some anti-bullying poetry. This spring, summer and fall, the band is touring New Jersey and surrounding areas, performing at outdoor festivals, public libraries, house concerts, and rock concert venues.

For more information, contact Jason Didner at 201-838-1205 or by email: Jason(at)junglegymjam(dot)com.

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