New Year’s Eve Spotlight: Sally from Artsy & Craftsy

Sally Goodgold from Artsy and Craftsy leading a crafts projectOne thing I miss about First Night Montclair was the well-rounded experience in the arts that kids would have hopping from one venue to the next. In one storefront would be a live musician. A dance or magic show would happen next door. Then you’d get to the venue with the crafts.

I wanted to bring that spirit to life for our Family New Year’s Rock-n-Roll Ball, so I looked no further than Holly’s arts & crafts teacher at her pre-school – Sally Goodgold from Artsy & Craftsy – to lead our special arts & crafts projects for our family New Year’s celebration.

Here’s my conversation with Sally so you can get to know what’s at the heart of her work to create crafts with kids:

Q: What are your favorite crafts to do with kids?

A: I love to work with children on crafts that focus on the process.  It could be beading, collage, sculpture, painting – I believe the journey or experience that gets them to their end result is what arts and crafts is all about.

Q: What are some things you’ve learned about kids by doing crafts with them?

A: I have learned that each and every child has the ability to create beautiful art within them.

Sally Goodgold from Artsy and Craftsy leading a crafts projectQ: What is the age range you teach arts and crafts to?

A:  Ages range from 18 months to 12 years old.

Q: How long have you been an artist? How long have you shared arts & crafts experiences with kids?

A: I loved art as a child.  I would always be creating something.  I attended a high school that had a huge focus on art.  I was exposed to so many mediums of art and learned art theory and history there.   In college, one of my majors was fine arts which further enhanced my art techniques.  I began teaching arts and crafts during college and never looked back.

Q: Describe your thoughts and feelings about bringing your arts and crafts experience to this first-ever Family New Year’s Rock-n-Roll Ball this year.

A: We are so excited to be part of the Family New Year’s Rock-n-Roll Ball.  We look forward to creating some fun new years crafts together and decorating collaboratively on our very own new years ball to drop during our countdown.  Stop by and say hello!

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The Family New Year’s Rock-n-Roll Ball takes place on Thursday, December 31 at 4:00 PM at the Old Mogul Theatre in Montclair. Sally’s Artsy & Craftsy activity will be accompanied by Izabelle The Amazing on hula hoop, Painted Faces and Other Places to give the kids a truly transformative experience and a family-friendly rock-n-roll show by Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam.

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