New Year’s Eve Spotlight – Izabelle the Amazing!

Our Featured Performer Does Wonders with Hula Hoops!

On New Year’s Eve, we have a special treat for kids and families of Montclair and the surrounding area. Before the Jungle Gym Jam takes the stage to play a spirited set of kid-friendly rock-n-roll, prepare to be dazzled by Izabelle the Amazing! Here’s a video of the stunning illusions she creates with hula hoops and dance, followed by an interview to learn more about this one-of-a-kind performer.

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Below is my interview with Izabelle about her remarkable show.

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Q: What first got you interested in combining hula hoop artistry with dance?

A: Seeing and meeting other performers with many different techniques inspired me to begin performing and create my very own style of hula hoop artistry and dance. For me the combination of the hoop art and dance just blended . To me it is not one or the other it has been hula hoop Dance from the beginning.
Q: How long have you been dancing? How long with the hula hoops? 
A: I have no dance background ! I have been hula hooping and dancing for 4 years now . I have learned from fellow performers and experience !
Izabelle the amazing - hula hoop artist to perform at Family New Year's Rock-n-Roll Ball at the Old Mogul Theatre in Montclair
Q: How does the name ‘Izabelle the Amazing’ work with the name ‘Pixie Tails?’ Are these two separate projects? Is there an overlap between them?
A: The business that I own is called pixie tails ! I sell hula hoops and other ” flow/dance props “, up cycled leggings and jewelry as well as my performing services . I started performing as an employee in a fire performance troupe under the name pixie , I took the name pixie and created my own business in respects to my past , pixie tails ! I perform alone now as ” Izabelle the amazing “
Q: My daughter loves your YouTube videos of your hula hoop performances. Your show appears to be for all ages, but have you noticed a special difference in how kids respond to your act?
A: I get wonderful responses from all ages ! I have actually noticed that because I change up my music , costume and performance style to fit events and age groups that I receive incredible responses from my audiences . But I will admit there is this extra magical look in the little ones eyes when they see my show !
Q: Joann recommended you when I asked her for a magician. When I saw your video I understood the element of illusion in what you do. How important is the art of illusion to your presentation?
A: illusion is one of the most important parts of hula hoop art . The illusions I create with the hoop keep my audience watching , staying entranced in the movements of my body and the movements of the hula hoop(s)
Q: I’ve seen in your videos how you create different characters through costume, song selection and movement choices. What inspires these characters and what are your favorite characters to portray onstage?
A: In many cases my customers  will have a set theme or a suggestion for a costume or character . Then I put my own twist on the character and try to become it as much as possible , with music and some acting .
One of my favorites is my ring leader costume , because of the circus style and that my hula hoops are also rings ! 
Q: Tell us all a little about your thoughts and feelings about performing at the first Family New Year’s Rock-n-Roll Ball in Montclair.
A: I am excited and eager to be a part of this event ! I love this town, it is an absolute pleasure to perform in these wonderful venues . I get a little more excited to perform at openings or “first” annual events because I feel I help make the events that much better ! I believe this will be a great evening for all !
We’re very excited to have Izabelle the Amazing grace the stage with us on New Year’s Eve and we just know your kids will be astounded!
Tell us in the comments if you’re coming to the ball and what you’re loooking forward to experiencing there.

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