New Song Snippet – Finder of Lost Things!

Here’s a new bit of songwriting to help your kids think about getting organized so they can find what they need when they need it. When you juggle as much as I do, that’s still a challenge for me but it helps to get this song in my head and think about putting something where I can find it again. I was inspired to start writing this song with Amy after I misplaced a really important book I needed. This is just a verse and a chorus (about 90 sec):

It captures the really frantic feeling that came over me when I couldn’t find my book. Enjoy! If you want to keep these song snippets coming to your inbox every week, sign up for my free Goodie Bag Club! I’ll never sell your address to anyone or send you junk mail – just music to delight and enrich the kids and parenting stories you can relate to!

This song is intended for our upcoming album “Little Yellow Plane” due out in early 2015. I’ll be giving you the opportunity soon to pre-order the album and even take on a larger role in its making. Stay tuned…

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