New Jungle Gym Jam singles slated for monthly release

Pandagarten’s Up First – Friday, June 23

Jason Didner from the Jungle Gym Jam, mixing tracks in his home studio in Montclair, N

Jason Didner from the Jungle Gym Jam, mixing tracks in his home studio in Montclair, NJ

Thanks to inspiration from my friend John Cullimore, a super-prolific self-producer for his own awesome family band Chibi Kodama, I’ve taken the plunge into the world of self-producing our Jungle Gym Jam music. After two albums created in commercial studios with dedicated producers and engineers, I became convinced that we needed to keep creating recorded music for our fans and for families we have yet to connect with. Putting another $10,000 project on our credit card to go back into the studio didn’t make sense, and we discovered a great upside: if we started self-producing, we could produce new music as often as we want, without time or budget constraints. So I invested in a new Mac, the right software, and we’re off to the races.

I also need to thank Scott Hawksworth at for his excellent crash course DVD on audio mixing and his great podcast and tutorial videos on YouTube. He spoke the language of a musician more than as a technician, to help me try new things and to lovingly craft these new tracks for you.

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This was not my first-ever experience self-producing; just my first time doing it in a very long time; and my first time applying it to kids’ music that I’d plan on releasing. Back in 2003 I self-produced a solo album titled American Road, which dealt with our complex array of emotions as a people that emerged after 9/11/01. At the time, my production work was just about completely self-taught; I was certainly missing some concepts that would have made the process smoother and the result better.

So… the first single coming your way is “Pandagarten,” scheduled for next Friday, June 23. It’ll be out on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Microsoft XBox, this web site’s store, CD Baby and Songs for Teaching, Each month through the rest of 2017 we’ll release a single a month. Early in 2018, some of those singles  will be included in a full-length album, our 3rd.

Pandagarten single artwork - Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam 2017

Cover artwork for upcoming “Pandagarten” single

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