My Superpower – Story behind the Song, Lyrics and Chords

Recognition of the Moment for the Song

Jason Didner from the Jungle Gym Jam and Batman - secret identity Det. Genaro Ortiz, Newark NJ Police

Entertaining families now lets me see childhood experiences of superheroes in new ways.

Ever since reading Tom Jackson’s excellent book “Live Music Method” about giving live performances that emotionally satisfy an audience, I concluded that creating those moments onstage begin with writing songs with special moments of a show in mind. Having just organized a “Heroes Rock” Family Fun Day in my hometown of Montclair, set for this Sunday 1/18, I thought about creating a special moment in the show where I share what some of my favorite heroes mean to me.

As luck would have it, it also turns out that this year’s Summer Reading program in libraries across the U.S.A. features this theme: “Every Hero Has a Story.” This encouraged me that I can create that special moment all about my heroes by performing that song. Like the red phone ringing in my cave, I felt called to action to get to work on writing this song.

Approach to the Writing

As I was driving (usually where the song ideas come to me) I thought “What’s the most important thing we get from fictional characters?” Escape from everyday realities? A new way of seeing possibilites? A symbol or example to follow? And what is it about each superhero that could be of the most value to kids like my daughter, almost 4? What do I see in these heroes now that I didn’t when I was a kid who was simply fascinated with the colorful costumes and the “BAM! POW!” action?

So I pulled off the road, parked at a bagel shop and walked in with my iPad. I started with thinking about one outstanding trait from each of a few fictional superheroes, like the patience demonstrated by Jedi masters in the Star Wars stories. What continues to strike me about Batman is that he has no supernatural powers, but a keen mind and the resources to bring his mission to reality. In the 1966 Batman movie, he’s so prepared and organized that when a shark (an exploding shark as it turns out!!!) unexpectedly grabs onto his leg, he’s able to call up to Robin in the Bat-copter to hand him the Shark Repellent Bat Spray. The camera reveals that he has a whole lineup of various oceanic repellent sprays lined up and neatly labeled. Now that’s preparation!

I felt that many real-life heroes possessed a singular trait that could be added to the mix. When I came home after work with my new ideas, Amy helped me narrow down my choices of real-life heroes and describe their outstanding traits. The resulting song presents a wealth of admirable qualities of character a child could combine in thinking about his/her path forward in life. And I do believe that kindness is an awesome superpower! Enjoy!

Video of the Song (Solo acoustic performance)

Lyrics and Chords

My Superpower

(C) 2015, Lyrics by Amy & Jason Didner, music by Jason Didner

Theme (Intro):

| C | / | G/B | / | Bb | | F | |

Verse 1:

I can be patient as a Jedi

With the galaxy he serves

And ready to go like Spider-Man

          F                Ab
With his quick and nimble nerves

And I'm tough like Wonder Woman

Who will only take the truth

And fair like Thurgood Marshall

Who judged on evidence and proof


G               Am
When you need a hero

      F            C 
It'll be my finest hour

        G        Am    F    C
'cause kindness is my superpower

G        Am     F   C
Kindness is my superpower


Verse 2:

I can be prepared like Batman
Who always thinks ahead
Or loving like Mother Theresa
Making sure that all were fed

I can be gentle as mighty Superman
Helping cats down from the trees
And persistent just like Anna
Til she ended that deep freeze

When you need a hero
It'll be my finest hour
'cause kindness is my superpower
Kindness is my superpower


    Em            F
My hero's Martin Luther King

          Em         F
With the noblest of dreams

     Dm                 F
Let righteousness roll down

Like a mighty stream

Solo (over theme 2x)

Double Chorus:

When you need a hero
It'll be my finest hour
'cause kindness is my superpower

When you need someone to stand for you
I will stand just like a tower
'cause kindness is my superpower
Kindness is my superpower


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