April 23 is Children’s Day! We’re celebrating at My Kinder Club in Edgewater.

Children's Day in the Republic of TurkeyApril 23 is a special day every year in the Republic of Turkey and for families of Turkish descent. It’s the anniversary of Turkey establishing its own parliament and a day to celebrate the children of Turkey and the world. One special custom that takes place in Turkey is that the children are symbolically in charge in Parliament that day. Since 1979 when the celebration expanded to include children of the world, Turkey has been inviting kids from other countries to stay in Turkish families and take part in the festivities, which include huge stadium concerts.

This year on Thursday morning, April 23 this fabulous new indoor playground, My Kinder Club in Edgewater, will celebrate Children’s Day with a super-fun play day, crafts, treats and live music by Amy and me! An admission price of $20 per child includes full access to the play space and the special concert of children’s music. My family’s original songs will teach your kids about counting, sea lions, ladybugs and the moon. Then there are songs that will tell funny stories, like one about a tightly packed car ride on the family trip. The kids will get to sing and dance along with our fun, upbeat music.

Just as in modern-day Turkish tradition, we’re inviting families of all nationalities to come out and celebrate a fun day filled with live music, active play and more.

Learn more about My Kinder Club at www.mykinderclub.com

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