Jungle Gym Jamming: The Wait is Almost Over!

One kid-friendly song calls for 14 kinds of movement

Our kindie punk rock shred anthem “Jungle Gym Jamming” is almost done! Lead vocals and instrumental parts are all recorded. It’s time to bring the band back into to Snowdome Studios in Montclair to record the vocal harmonies. This is our band’s theme song that opens the show. The lyrics call for all kinds of movement you would do when jamming or playing on a jungle gym. Most importantly, it drives home the anti-bullying message, “Everyone’s invited and no one gets left out!” This single will be released by the end of the month and it will be included on our debut album before the end of the year!

Everyone's invited to the Jungle Gym Jam!

Everyone’s invited to the Jungle Gym Jam!

This track reflects influences from The Ramones in vocal approach and driving rhythms, Green Day with big rhythm guitar sounds, Eddie Van Halen for the shredding guitar solo, Slash for the guitar riff at the end of the tune, and Bob Marley for a sing-along melody in the chorus.

The lyrics, co-written with my wife Amy, encourage kids to:

  • Reach!
  • Shake!
  • Climb!
  • Slide!
  • Swing!
  • Clap!
  • Stomp!
  • Jump!
  • Spin!
  • March!
  • Bang the drums!
  • Play air guitar!
  • Play bass!
  • Smile!


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