Jungle Gym Jam Lyrics Now Up on our Web Site!

ukulele and notebook for songwritingIt is now easier than ever to sing along with your favorite Jungle Gym Jam song. We’ve published our lyrics to every Jungle Gym Jam recorded song right here to JungleGymJam.com. For all lyrics, go to the Music menu and choose Lyrics or use the search bar on the right side of any page on this site to locate the song you want. Here are all our lyrics below:

Lollipop Motel album (2016)

  1. Your Happy Place
  2. Day at the Beach
  3. Restless Heart
  4. Jam Packed
  5. Lollipop Motel
  6. Little Yellow Plane
  7. My Superpower
  8. The Ultimate Frisbee
  9. Jersey Dinosaurs
  10. Summertime Santa
  11. Too Big to Jump on the Bed
  12. Free to Be…You and Me

Learn more about the Lollipop Motel album here.

Everyone’s Invited album (2013):

  1. Jungle Gym Jamming
  2. Window of the Train
  3. Five Sea Lions
  4. The People Exhibit at the Zoo
  5. My Glasses
  6. Mimi the Ladybug
  7. The Pick Song
  8. A Bowling Party
  9. Stay in the Pool
  10. Glass Bottom Boat
  11. Peek-a-boo Moon
  12. Down by the Bay

Learn more about the Everyone’s Invited! album here.

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