Jungle Gym Jam Launches First Official Music Video for Kids

Clip Shares Messages of Anti-bullying, Kindness, and Friendship

Montclair, N.J. – Jason Didner, host of the Cool Rockin’ Daddy Video Show, and founder of the kindie band, the Jungle Gym Jam (www.junglegymjam.com), has released the band’s first official music video for kids — Jungle Gym Jamming —that shares inspiring messages of life’s lessons to kids and parents. The band has live performance clips, audio recordings of individual songs, and special messages to fans on its YouTube channel in addition to this first official music video.

The video can be viewed on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJyezwmZDM4 and communicates the importance of active recreation (“Time to put down that gadget”), having fun together through fair play (That’s what jam time is about”); anti-bullying (Everyone’s invited, no one gets left out); and how curiosity can help us to learn through playtime activities (“We learn as we play”).

Still picture from Jungle Gym Jamming video shoot

The fast-paced lively music video, filmed in an outdoor park under the direction of fellow NJ children’s entertainer Ron Albanese (“Polka Dot” – ronalbanese.com), invites 15 kinds of movement for kids, such as clapping hands, stomping feet, jumping, playing air guitar, bass and drums, and has a genuine rock vibe that encourages dancing and interaction.

Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam will debut its first album “Everyone’s Invited,” on January 28, 2014. The collection includes favorite tunes such as “Stay in the Pool” and “Peek-a-boo Moon” and newly recorded tracks like “Window of the Train” and “My Glasses.” Fans can pre-order the album on iTunes starting December 31 and will get the lead track, “Jungle Gym Jamming” downloaded instantly before the whole album is released.

For information on Jungle Gym Jam, “Everyone’s Invited,” upcoming band performances, or future videos, contact Jason Didner at 201-838-1205 or jason@junglegymjam.com.

About Jungle Gym Jam: Kids around the world are experiencing the sounds of Jungle Gym Jam (www.junglegymjam.com), a kindie band founded by Jason Amy Didner, in their families’ kitchens and cars, over the radio airwaves, Internet radio and podcasts as numerous DJ’s spin the band’s tunes carrying messages of anti-bullying. Jungle Gym Jam is featured on an episode of the “No Cover” TV show for TV-34 Montclair, a municipal access station, which can be viewed on the band’s press page at http://www.JungleGymJam.com/press.

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