Jersey Dinosaurs Lyrics – Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam

Jersey Dinosaurs
(C) 2015 – lyrics by Amy & Jason Didner

More than eighty million years ago
Before the Turnpike came to be
Down off Exit 4 on that famous road
In the swamps of old south Jersey

Dinosaurs as big as buses
That didn’t have to pay tolls
They could turn left wherever they wanted
That’s how these huge lizards rolled

Back when we had hadrosaurs
The Jersey dinosaurs (Whoah!)
We had hadrosaurs
Our very own Jersey dinosaurs
(Whoah oh oh oh oh!)
Verse 2:
Oh, these hadrosaurs were grazers
Livin’ on grass and low lying leaves
See, they had no Dino diners
To get Taylor ham, egg and cheese
(It’s a Jersey thing!)

They loved sunshine and water
From Cape May to Seaside Heights
Long before there was a boardwalk
Tilt-a-Whirls or water slides


They raised their noisy high pitched roars
While defending land and food
These late, great Garden State hadrosaurs
Had Jersey attitude!


Outro (repeat chorus pattern 4x)

This song is in included in the album Lollipop Motel.

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