It started with a question from a Canadian children’s musician…

First Roots Children's Music Festival 2016 Flyer…and it became the First Roots Children’s Music Festival!

So i got a Facebook message from a fellow children’s musician asking if I can book her to any venues in New Jersey the day after the big children’s music conference known as KindieComm that takes place in Philadelphia the first weekend of April. She had remembered that last year I ran a 15-concert series for kids in Hoboken. That musician is Lisa from Sonshine & Broccoli, who will be making the annual trip from Ontario to Philly.

Feeling that I not only wanted to help out a friendly colleague but nurture a family music scene in my home state, I thought about places that would enthusiastically host a kids’ show for an out-of-town performer on a Monday afternoon (the day after the conference concludes). After mulling and investigating a few options, one jumped out at me: First Roots Music Studio in Manville, NJ – right in the center of the state, halfway between Philadelphia and New York City. Its owner Jenni Esposito has been a big believer in my music and that of my buddies Baze and His Silly Friends; she’s hired us give guest concerts in her early childhood music classroom space and she’s featured our albums as the themes of entire class semesters.

Get your tickets to the First Roots Children’s Music Festval on April 4 in Manville, NJ here.

Jungle Gym Jam takes a bow at the end of a performance at First Roots Studio in Manville, NJWhen I shared the idea with Jenni, she was quite excited and eager to get involved. With her go-ahead, I posted a call for performers in the KindieComm group on Facebook and ended up with a great lineup that I’m very excited to share with somerset County’s young music fans:

Get your tickets to the First Roots Children’s Music Festval on April 4 in Manville, NJ here.

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