I’m Hosting a New Music Video Show for Kids and Families

I love when an idea becomes reality!

That happened for me yesterday when I was out on an errand yesterday and saw an email on my phone announcing that Episode 1 of the Cool Rockin’ Daddy Video Show would be airing at noon that day and every day until November 10 on Montclair, NJ’s TV-34 municipal station, and that the episode would be viewable online at any time from anywhere around the world.

Cool Rockin' Daddy Video Show

Amy and I have been discovering great videos on YouTube by kindie artists; our 2-year-old daughter loves the engaging pairing of the kid-friendly music and the vibrant colors and images found in the best videos of their kind. Given that my relationship with TV-34 has been growing over the past year, it seemed natural that I’d combine our family’s love and knowledge of kindie music with our desire to provide quality children’s programming in our area and to extend the reach of the kindie movement into more households.

I reached out to kindie artists our daughter loves and obtained permission to use their videos on our show. Then I booked some time with Heather at TV-34 to film my spoken introduction to the show and the videos. I gave Sharon and Heather a list of the videos we would need. The content of the first episode was done, but we needed opening titles and music. We needed closing credits as well.

Along came my friend Trevor, a brilliant 13-year-old kindie devotee with his own successful online radio show Goober Kids Radio and a wildly successful band The Zing Zangs. He also happens to be a multimedia wizard. He immediately volunteered to create our theme song, logo and an animated opening sequence. He and I co-wrote the lyrics and he took the ball and ran with it to create an excellent melody and chord structure. I learned his melody and created a high-spirited recording, leaving open the space where he did a very clever rap. I sent him back my parts and he added some guitar, harmonies and the rap, full of fun sound effects, along with his Zing Zangs counterpart Elliott the Ninja. The results were jaw-dropping to see this eye-catching animation paired with the peppy theme song. We could not have asked for better.

The wonderfully shocking thing about learning the show was airing yesterday was that it was just the Tuesday night that I had gotten the title theme and credits videos from Trevor. Heather and Sharon’s turnaround of a high-quality show for kids was lightning quick.

This pilot episode features videos from Baze and His Silly Friends, Suzi Shelton, Princess Katie & Racer Steve, Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights, Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, and Josh and the Jamtones.

Future episodes will feature Amy interviewing kindie artists, some of them with outstanding recognition in their field, including Grammy nominations.

An official web site for the show is coming soon.

Be on the lookout for our own band, Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam’s first video in a future episode; we just shot the footage for the video yesterday!

Kindie artists can submit links to their videos for consideration for the show to Jason@CoolRockinDaddy.tv

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