Hitting the Road for the Next 2 Weekends!

Jam Packed-Jason gets the minivan loaded up for a Jungle Gym Jam gigOne thing our family/band loves to do is to travel out of town to play shows. In fact, as of this writing, we’ve been to 7 states to perform – and we’ve got our eyes on #8! 

This afternoon we’ll get our minivan “jam packed” for the ride to Vienna, Virginia (suburbs of Washington, D.C.) to perform at Jammin’ Java’s Tot Rock family concert series tomorrow morning (Saturday). And we’re joined by a special guest – “Astonishing Amelia” on bass. At age 14, Amelia can do it all – sing, play, and command the stage. She’s put in lots of time and effort at School of Rock in Montclair where she’s really learned her craft – her love for The Beatles’ music really comes through in her performance. 

Jason Didner guest DJ'ing for Hilltown Family Variety Show - an hour of family radio programming. Also happening tomorrow (Saturday) – I’m the guest DJ on Hilltown Family Variety Show on western Massachusetts’ radio station WXOJ 103.3FM and live streaming from their web site. Tune in at 9AM Eastern. 

Speaking of Massachusetts, it becomes our 8th state for live performance next Saturday, February 25 when we roll into the Eric Carle Museum in Amherst to perform our songs that share inspiration among the animal world and natural universe with the famous children’s book illustrator. Doors open at 10:30 AM, showtime is at 11. 


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