New Single on Hits of the Playhouse Vol. 1 for Goober Kids Radio!

Goober Kids Radio - Hits of the PlayhouseI’m happy to announce that a great compilation album from Canadian kindie radio station Goober Kids Radio has been released, including my new song “Too Big to Jump on the Bed!” Stream the album for free at Goober Kids Radio’s Bandcamp page. If you love it, download it for a great price so you can take it with you anywhere you need to soothe the souls of your little ones!

Here’s my announcement on YouTube about my contribution and a little story behind the song:

The track listing includes some of our favorite kindie artists; I can’t wait to play this for my 3-year-old daughter!

1. Rocknoceros – The Playhouse Theme  00:30
2. Jr. Madness – Jim-A-Long Josie  02:20
3. Kidville – Go Go Go (feat. Paulie Z)  02:25
4. Dog On Fleas – Michael How the Roe  04:11
5. Billy Gorilly – P-Terry the P-Terodactyl  03:08
6. The Wanna Bees – Get Up and Get Out (Exercise)  02:39
7. Mr. Billy – Double O Monster  03:54
8. Birdie – Slip ‘N Slide  02:15
9. POLKA DOT! and SUPER SOFIA! – Dress to Impress!  03:04
10. The Zing Zangs – Kick It!  02:21
11. Boxtop Jenkins – Wag More (feat. Indigo Girls)  02:56
12. Little Miss Ann – Can You Make a Circle?  03:43
13. Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam – Too Big to Jump on the Bed  02:44
14. Marsha Goodman-Wood – Ninja School  02:24
15. Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips – Love Bubble Unplugged  03:15
16. Baze And His Silly Friends – Miracle  03:32

Here’s a fun little fact about the Zing Zangs’ track “Kick It!”: I contributed a guest guitar solo to that one (my 2nd guest guitar solo on a Zing Zangs tune!)

Thanks Trevor for including me in this project!


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