Big and Little Heroes rocked with us last Sunday!

We had a blast at Congregation Shomrei Emunah in Montclair yesterday with our HEROES ROCK event! Batman and Batgirl were there to rock the house along with little superheroes, some in famous super suits, and others with amazing homemade capes.

The band played “My Superpower” together for the first time, along with our producer Baze (Baze and His Silly Friends band for kids and families) sitting in on acoustic Guitar. Then we featured Baze on his song “Superhero.” Also joining us onstage to jam out for those two super songs: Batman and Batgirl, each rocking a black electric guitar.

Amazing Alyssa from the Jungle Gym Jam and Batgirl play guitar at Montclair, NJ's Heroes Rock event.Our special guest heroes signed autographs for the kids in attendance and patiently posed for lots and lots of pictures.  They gave out collectible postcards with a strong message that “real crimefighters don’t use drugs.” Their bat suits were amazing, with a keen attention to detail, showing a real passion for delighting and educating children. Batman (secret identity: Newark Detective Genaro Ortiz) has a fascinating backstory and over a decade of commitment to bringing his larger-than-life hero persona out for the benefit of kids, families and neighborhoods.

Kids jumping at Heroes Rock! in MontclairThe kids were playful, energetic and engaged sitting, standing and dancing on the big exercise mat in front of the stage. Seeing little superheroes dance, stop and dance again during our “Pick Song” freeze dance was lots of fun and extremely life-affirming for me.

We got great help from the synagogue staff and from our supporting team of Marie who did a great job painting kids’ faces, Lilah who was friendly and professional, handling admission and our gift shop table, and Max who helped us set up and run an astounding amount of gear. Amy and I had a lot of fun picking out and assembling the superhero-themed decorations that were on the tables.

holly-elisa-circus-nosesBig Apple Circus generously donated 2 pairs of tickets to the Bridgewater, NJ stop on their tour so that we could give them away by random drawing. They also gave away these adorable clown noses that the kids could take home, along with postcards with information about the upcoming shows (Feb. 26 – Mar. 15).

After the show, kids got a guided tour of the Batmobile and more great photo opportunities. This Batmobile is a completely customized Chevrolet Camaro with bat-wing doors, a video monitoring system and a red bat-phone.

Super Superhero Songs album by Mr Billy - kids musicThe background music that played as guests arrived was the album “Super Superhero Songs” by Mr. Billy. I made sure to crank up his “Batman” medley as our two dark knights arrived. I’m not sure if anyone picked up on Billy’s altered version of “Jingle Bells” (the one you sang on the bus to camp) that he fit into the motif.

If you’re wondering what a kindie musician does after the show, we packed up and headed to Manny’s Diner in Montclair where our little Supergirl and her super grandparents were the subject of a lot of conversation and compliments.

Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam take a bow after the set. with Ross Kantor and Alyssa Menes.Once again, a great big thanks to the moms, dads, grandparents and kids who rocked with us at this fun event. So far we’ve done family fun days with Elmo, Queen Elsa from Frozen and Batman & Batgirl. Let us know in the comments what other themes you’d like for a Family Fun Day.

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